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I'm a visual artist who likes to hack. My big project right now is finding ways to mass-produce & sell art, like Andy Warhol & Takashi Murakami, & setting up a crazy art factory within the next couple of months.


aroy at alum dot mit dot edu.


SHDH9: Orangechat, a C# TCP/IP chat program that lets you chat using oranges. Ripeness, stem, leaf, smile, size of oranges can be varied.

SHDH10: Offered moral support to team working on online panhandling app.

SHDH19: Can't remember, prob some random php or mfc app that I never finished.

SHDH21: Social networking for oranges.

SHDH25: Mass-produced pretty graphic landscape art, with rainbows & puffy trees. & my generative art dev framework that combines Adobe Illustrator, Flickr, Amazon S3.


I'm pretty sure I went to one or two others, but I've lost track.