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SUBJECT SHDH7 / Stories / Car Hacking




Don't forget, next week brings death, destruction, and SuperHappyDevHouse! Our seventh DevHouse will be an experiment in minimalist hacking; for this go around, we'll be coding. No presentations, no trophies, no glam. Just old-skool study-hall garage band h4x0ring. That doesn't mean those other things are gone for good: we're just playing with the format to try and properly balance party-conference against hackathon. So we're hacking our hackathon, you could say.


DUR: Saturday, January 28, 2006, 7pm-7am PST

POS: 2735 Skyfarm Drive, Hillsborough, CA (37.55804N 122.38049W)

URL: http://upcoming.org/event/48816/


To help other people understand the joy of SHDH, it would be *very helpful* if you could take just a moment to write us with stories of what SHDH has done for you - cool projects that you got ideas for, an important connection you made, or a key bit of insight that you got at the DevHouse. Write david@weekly.org with your stories (subject line "SHDH Story").


Finally, if folks are interested, I think it would be awesome to get a group together to hack on OBD-II. I've bought a converter that should be here by next weekend. Let me know if you want to hack cars. :)



That's all - we look forward to seeing you at SHDH!


- David Weekly & Jeff Lindsay