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SUBJECT Important SHDH7 Update


So we were at a rocking panel on Monday night that included SuperHappyDevHouse, the Homebrew Computer Club, and the West Coast Computer Faire. We were inspired by the mechanics of the Homebrew Computer Club and going on the theme of "old skool hacking" we thought we would make SHDH7 a bit like a Homebrew meeting to honor the vanguard that preceded us.


So here's the format: at 8pm we will have Query Mode and everyone will come outside and folks will give a ~60 second take on what they're going to be (or hope to be) hacking on that evening. Nobody stays inside and reads email while this happens. (That means you, Tantek!) Then everyone goes inside to warm up and chat and hack. Our hope is that by jumpstarting personal interactions in this way folks will derive a lot more benefit than just holing themselves up in a corner and wondering what everyone else is doing.


Then at 1am we will have Response Mode where everyone will again come outside and people will give 60 second takes on what they learned, worked on, or built. No PowerPoints, just shout it out and put more details on the wiki.


SHDH remains an experiment in effective hackery; Jeff and I are very open to suggestions on what parts are working well and what parts aren't; let us know!


Cheers From Your Co-Hackers,

Jeff Lindsay & David Weekly