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Your favorite hackfest is BACK! SuperHappyDevHouse 9 will commence on Saturday, April 22nd.


As the Bay Area's #1 private productive party organization (3PO), DevHouse not only gives you an intimate venue to meet, share ideas and have fun with other developers, designers, and designer-developers... it provides you with a venue to sit down and get things done!


We're about rapid development, ad-hoc collaboration, and cross pollination. Whether you're a l33t hax0r, hardcore coder, or passionate designer, if you enjoy software and technology development, SuperHappyDevHouse was made with you in mind.


Join us all night for our 9th non-conference, non-marketing, non-shoe event. Be here at 7pm and bring healthy snacks (apples not doughnuts) and caffeine to keep the brains pumping and the code thumping.


Donations will be accepted and muchly appreciated. Thanks to all those that donated at previous events! : )


Hex encoded hearts,

David Weekly, Jeff Lindsay and teh DH crew


Get on the wiki early!

See photos from previous gatherings.