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admin (at) disabledcommunity.org


SHDH 17:  met Tom Harrison and his mom Barbara

                       introduced me to http://david.ulevitch.com/ of https://www.opendns.com 


                 met Joel Franusic [joel at sargo.com] who helped me set up this page and told me about liveoak (at) sfsu.edu concept to avoid spam

                     went to http://www.sargo.com/joel/ and learned and registered with lastfm.com, digg.com


                 I talked with a reporter from San Jose Mercury who took down my information that I am looking for a programmer? knowledge worker to help

                      me design a better http://www.disabledcommunity.org website  This would be great.


                 I watched __________ demonstrate his ibot not.


                Then I headed off to BayView Hunters Point  for second Saturday Party.


                Then in the middle of the night off to learn about David Weekly and other SHDH members.


SHDH 18: Brought 4 additional people to superhappy, including new roomates Matt Windwer, Joe Solomon and his friend Brandt. Had a great time and

                will return.


SHDH 19: Went from the Alpine Club at Mount Tamalpais to SuperHappyDevHouse.Com this evening.  Maybe next time we can meet at the hiking club for

                 SHDH.  Since I just finished learning how to host a party there this might work well.  As a member, I can help host.  We can fit 180 people at the Alpine club and 30+ can actually sleep over (even more if people want to sleep on the floor.)   There are 22 parking spaces available, so maybe some people should car pool.