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Hi. I'm Meredith. I make stuff.


I like Python, LISP, and most compiled languages. I really hate Javascript, but sometimes I use it anyway. I particularly love context-free and context-sensitive grammars, doing unspeakable things to the guts of databases, interesting network topologies, and helping my boy with anonymity and privacy research, though most of that so far just involves goofy side-channel attacks.


I'm just learning the ropes of asynchronous programming, so if your AJAX-fu is strong, feel free to chat me up and let me pick your brain.


(I probably won't have the marshmallow gun on me, fwiw. Probably.)


Things I have done at past SHDH incarnations:

SHDH7: major extensions to my Summer of Code project

(I have no idea where I was for 8, 9 and 10; I've slept since then)

SHDH11: started on a public transit search Google Maps mashup

SHDH12: was out of town or something

SHDH13: more public transit search

SHDH14: in Europe, but was there in spirit

SHDH15: real life insisted I be elsewhere

SHDH16: updates to libdejector, setting garlic butter on fire

(Lost track of my whereabouts for 17 and 18; I was probably travelling)

SHDH19: improving my award-winning DEFCON 15 hacked badge, and talking about it!

SHDH20: in Europe. Yes, again.

SHDH21: I'll be banging on OBELisQ and a weird Twitter hack.

SHDH22,23,24: Was travelling.

SHDH25: Hacking on a Facebook app and other random Javascript stuff. If I have time, I might also work on mashing up GovTrack and Twitter.

SHDH26: Took apart an old CRT to recover the flyback transformer, for use in a high-voltage power supply.

SHDH27: Interested in garage biohacking? Join me and other DIYbio enthusiasts, and let's organise a group of citizen scientists in the Bay Area and the rest of northern California!