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Thanks to everyone at DevHouse who came out and saw our presentation. For those of you who couldn't make it, we demonstrated the Osogato Music Console, a native Cocoa application built on top of OBELisQ (our data-mining-integrated fork of PostgreSQL) and Goetia (our music analysis and feature extraction library.)


We're on track to launch our public beta in 2-3 months, but we'll be doing a private beta before then, and SHDH folks are more than welcome to participate -- we want your feedback! (I was supposed to mention that, but my five minutes was up and I completely forgot.) We're also planning to fully publish the API to the system -- maybe at a future DevHouse, someone will hack together a music visualizer based on actual data about the music.


For more info on Osogato, keep an eye on http://www.osogato.com, and for background info on OBELisQ, you might find MeredithLPatterson's slides from the PostgreSQL Summit handy: http://pugs.postgresql.org/sfpug/archives/obelisq-postgres-summit.pdf


Since the whole talk was a demo of the software we've been working on, I don't have slides to link here at the moment, but I will put something together soon. Watch this space!