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Paypal Integration

Competition Paypal integration:


Short steps for those familiar with the paypal IPN system:



  1. Use pp@superhappydevhouse.org for your paypal information.
  2. Set up your Paypal IPN system, expecting a post from You will not need to do the VERIFIED step, as ONLY verified purchases will be forwarded to your server.
  3. Contact kitt (or dweekly) on IRC to provide your POST url.
  4. Payment information provided to Paypal will require your team information in the invoice value. Use the format team#-yourinvoice# So, if you are on team 16, and your invoice is 432156, use invoice = team16-432156 as the value sent to pay pp@superhappydevhouse.org
  5. We will record the purchase, then post the full set of values to the IPN post URL you provided in previous steps.


Long steps for those not familiar with the Paypal IPN system:


(Checking on IRC to see if this is needed)


We'll be using the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) process to

track competition payments in realtime.