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OKAY KIDS. Here are the rules:



  1. Talks are 5 minutes.
    • You will be timed
    • You will be shamed if you go over time :-D
  1. If you have slides for your talk, they must be one of the following:
    1. A page on this wiki
    2. A file available online, the file must be in an open format. For example:
      • A page on this wiki.
      • PDF
      • ODF
      • Flash
      • HTML
      • Text
    1. A file given to Joel Franusic beforehand via email or flash drive.
  1. Please link your presentation under your name on this wiki page.




The Lineup!


1: David Bryson



2: Charles Merriam

Google App Engine: Good vehicle for pornography? ("classy porn")


3: Mitch Skinner

An AJAX Gnome Browser




4: 'dillo

Wireless in Africa


5: Sam Wood

Fluid Networking - a non-IP mesh-networking protocol


6: Russ Fan

Gaming Genome Project



7: John Regan

Berkeley TIP



8: Steve Ng Ming Yeow

"Discovery is the new crack"



9: Octavio Good

Lets save the world ("Do some Good" ?)


10: Glenn Seidman



11. Logan Henriquez

Acts as distributed


12. Timothy Fitz

Engineers will do the right thing


13. Jeff and Adam

What killed the dinosaurs