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  • Sun v. Google v. House
  • Martin didn't like Sun
  • Russ liked Sun




Ran out of tables and chairs

Tom will be sending attendee count from the sign-in system on Sunday


Liked about this DevHouse:

  • Martin will be sending a handwritten note to Lee
  • We want more Human Search Engine
  • Adrian, warmer and more friendly.
  • Jeremy: "Didn't know what to expect"
  • Other people were doing introduction. (!)
  • Possible that HSE made people more warm.


Schedule another meeting with Lee.


Martin: question about glass enclosed room


Attach screen to the side of the trailer next time we have it at rainbow?

  • If it's warm: Do Lightning Talks on driveway.
  • If it's cold: Plan ahead and do Lightning Talks inside.


Lightning Talks:

  • Mike: Say who you are before your lightning talk!
  • Tom suggests that we automate the process.
    • Name:
    • Title of presentation:
    • Summary of presentation:
    • Link to slides on (slideshare,google docs,wiki page):
  • Sign in system integration "are you interested in doing a lightning talk" (?)
  • Make the wiki page and print it on the namebadge.
  • Make a Lightning Talk template!!!
  • Martin and Tom are going to be working on the login system.
  • No last minute Lightning Talks, collect information beforehand
  • Devin: Lightning Talk suggestion, at Ruby conf, talks get sorted by length,
  • Human Search Engine first. (Talk this over with Lee)
  • HSE, food, Lightning Talks


Things that we didn't like:

  • Problems with rude guests, the person who knows the rude guests will tell them that their behavior was not at all appropriate.
  • Hot Tub at Toms is not at the other locations, perhaps a firepit?
  • Martin is offering to make a firepit
  • Not enough vegetarian food.
  • 3:1 or 3:2 meat to non meat ratio
  • Ad-hoc "Birds of a Feather", Martin would like to see a.


Plans for the future:

  • December 13th in San Francisco?
  • January 10th @ Meeting for SHDH30
  • January 24th @ Sun