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SuperHappyDevHouse31 PostMortem


     Ran out of Thai Food

     Snacks ran out

     Out of space

          Rainbow Mansion is now too small for DevHouse (at least, when it's cold outside) 

          Looking into places.

          Ames is a possibility.

          Hacker-dojo is a real possibility, looking seriously at new places now. Would be a permanently available DevHouse location.

               Connect hacker-dojo more officially with SHDH.

          Colleen (sp?) offered her space in Oakland

          Not as much hardware hacking.

          No human search engine.

     Internet was going up and down.

          Router was siezing up.

          New scalability issue

          Net-ops is a thankless job.

     MDV Marketing budget is lower this year

          Budget for the year is $1500, this event is estimate to need $800, over half our budget.

          Another venture partner

          Better donation collections

          Recurring donations online

          People come and never see the donations box

          Harder sell for money, point out that the event is $1500.

          Could axe food and beer.

                    Bring in a taco truck!

                    Depends on where the next one is.

                    Use wiki to coordinate pot-luck.

          Drop dinner until we're sure we can afford it.

          Mention in announce the financial situation.



     Quality of talks were up

     Timothy makes a good bad-cop.

     Casey totally covered food and food clean-up. Awesome!

     Ending was nice, ran later and tapered off naturally.

     Branching out from the just-weird-hacker-guys.

     It may be good that the projector broke. Is the smaller one better? Odd that the pull-down screen wasn’t used. Tied to the broken projector?


Action Items:

     Joel: Tour potential spaces, search for more (See Nathan to get unblocked)

     David: Draft line-by-line costs

     Mike: Mention in announce "State of the Union" the financial situation, as well Call for Locations

     Mike: Follow-up with Ames.