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Timeline of Tom Harrison's Dev House Experience



This was our first attempt on having a devhouse in the East Bay and for the most part I think it went very well.  It was the first event for many attendees and I think that alone is a sign that we need to keep the East Bay in our rotation for events.  I worked on trying to keep the internet working and helped with Joel out front with the greeting of new guests.  I also setup my Dell Mini9 to host a justin.tv stream of part of the event, it is embedded below.  Ill post some more photos here of this event after I find some because the bathroom line is not very exciting.


Watch live video from devhouse's channel on Justin.tv

Justin.tv webcam of SHDH32



I was in the Northwest visiting family during this event and as such I was unable to attend.  This event was located in at Rainbow Mansion in Cupertino.


SHDH30 - 350 People at Sun Microsystems!

This was our largest blow-out event by far as we had nearly 350 people come through the event.  Sun's space worked out great for this event and overall this was a very successful DevHouse.  Jeff gave a really nice retrospective presentation on past devhosues, we got to tour a Sun Blackbox and did I mention there were 350 people?  The conference rooms were all full and overall I think everyone had an excellent time.  I worked on building content for the screens that are located all over the premises and spent much of my time at the welcome desk helping people print out their nametags and selling SHDH Shirts. 




I was hosting the annual xmas party for my work during this event and as such I didnt make it.  This event was in San Francisco at Sandbox Suites.



DevHouse returned once again to the Rainbow Mansion in Cupertino.



This was our first DevHouse located at a Google facility and things went as exected.  I got a parking ticket while unloading some DevHouse stuff from the car but I guess thats just life in the city with a car.  Google had a nice layout for devhouse with plenty of chairs and tables but next time I would arrange them so they feel less corporate presentationish.  The audio and video setup there was superb and the lightining talks went really well.

The audio is a bit harsh so turn the volume down a bit.



Back to Los Gatos, this event was very nice but the weather was a bit chilly.  Some people opted to watch the lightning talks from the pool or hottub while others filled the lawn.  This proved the location worthy of outdoor lightning talks and I cant wait to do another in the summer when the weather will be nice.


Lightning talks video, a bit dark but still got recorded :)



Sun wanted to have a hack day similar to yahoo's but instead of organizing it themselves the came to us to see if we would host our event on their campus.  After some discussions we decided it would be a great idea and they let us use their "executive briefing center."  This is a building with conference rooms and a bunch of Sun products setup on display as a marketing tool.   For SHDH we cleared out much of their marketing displays to make room for the tables and chairs and we had plenty of room to host the largest event to date.  With this event we were able to designate different rooms for specail purposes.  We made a robotics room, a quiet hacking room, and we saved the largest room for our lightning talks. 









I always have the most fun at DevHouse when I get to host it at my parents house in Los Gatos.



This event was located at a loft in San Francisco and was a success other than running out of room.  These events seem to self regulate their size as the space fills up and people leave when they cant sit down.



Back at Rainbow Manssion in Cupertino again, we tried a different setup for lightning talks and it worked out.  We were banking on the sprinklers not turing on and we got lucky.

DSC_6363 DSC_6386



A huge success, I dont really now what to say.  We had a huge turnout and we tried a few new things. First we held our lightning talks out in the front yard because there was no other good space to hold them due to our attendence record.  This event was hosting in Los Gatos and we were very organized. From a welcome sign-in desk at the front with nametags and greeters to an error free network, this was our best event to date.



Lots of people showed up and we had to overflow into the back yard. This event was more social than usual because there was less space to sit down and hack due to our outstanding attendance record of ~150 total attendees.  On the left I am fixing the internets.



Segway in the kitchen, NSFW Margaritas and reporter from SJ Mercury News.  The segway was tons of fun and the article that was written has helped out event's attendance in a great way.




Someone brought an OLPC to let others hack on it.  It was kinda cool, slow at times but it was a fully functional pc running linux.  We also had our business cards, and had great attendance due to Startup School being on the same day at an earlier time in the area.



In Los Gatos again!




This event was at the Hillsborough location and the discovery channel was there working on a documentary about silicon valley.  David Weekly was taken to do some shots about the music industry that were later used in their show...




in Los Gatos again

DSC_1968.JPG DSC_1926.JPG



I helped setup the event including a trip to costco with David Matt Brian and Adam to purchase supplies and more Chairs for the event.

 DSC_1968.JPG DSC_1926.JPG


SHDH 0xB (11)

Hosted Super Happy Dev House 0xB at my parents house in Los Gatos. Prepared for the event several days before hand by moving furniture, collecting chairs, setting up Access Points, and purchasing supplies for the event. The night before I setup the SHDH 0xB Sign in the front yard to test it out as well as fixed and setup outdoor lighting for the back patio and front yard.  This was the first event in Los Gatos and our last event in our overnight time format.  We dedided that having these events more frequently was more important than the all night aspect of what we do and thus we began hosting our events from ~Noon to ~Midnight instead of 7pm to 7am. This made things way easier on the host of our event and put less strain on the organizers allowing more devhouses more frequenlty.



Setup of multiple wireless access points and squid proxy for use at France Telecom's facility. Setup a captive portal using NoCatSplash to redirect people to this wiki when they arrive, but had to remove it last minute due to complications with the network.



We got this event setup very quickly. I showed up much later than usual with the other guys and we had david's house setup and ready to go in about an hour. We decided to change things up this time and change the table layouts, and set ourselves up in the kitchen. This time Simpli donated all of the drinks for staying up all night annd we didnt run out! As for the internet setup at this event, we just plugged directly into and used David's main airport as the router. I didnt really change anything for this event, and in the middle we had a few internet connectivity issues.



For this event I again helped with the setup and for the first time, I stayed to help for the cleanup as well. key things of importance for me at this event were socializing, and talking with Doug Englbart and Bill Daul.



I helped Erica try to get windows XP 64 working on her new box with an onboard mirroring raid. This was really a pain in the ass but I think I learned a few good things by the end of the night. I also setup the network. David was working on playing with the serial interface in cars, hence the picture of me in my car in the garage. It was fun trying to find a system with a serial port. David actually ended up moving his desktop into the garage.



Filmed all the presentations from this one. In my opinion they were not as good as the previous SHDH thus they were painful to edit and I never finished. I also provided the PA for the presentations. I think the use of the PA at this thing was a huge success, but at the same time, it took up way too much of my time and I didnt really get to meet anyone. I like the Dev Houses without any presentations better I think. We'll see how the next one goes.



Helped with Setup and was in charge of the network. Edited the videos of the presentations. As for the picture here, Im in there, somewhere, barely. Starting at this Dev House I really feel like part of the SHDH Crew.  Videos from SHDH V presentations can be found on my youtube linked here.



I didnt make it to this one and I dont recall why.



I came with my brand new Mac Mini and LCD



Attended this event, I think it was my first one. Hung out with Adam and Jeff. worked on a few blog related projects.



I was aware of but didnt attend this event.  It was later brought to my attention that my LAN party hosting skills would be very useful in making these events run smoothly.


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