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whofuckedwhom BoF




<dsully> please describe web 2.0 to me in 2 sentences or less.

<jwb> you make all the content. they keep all the revenue.



whofuckedwhom.com is the working title for a social networking service in the spirit of Encyclopedia Dramatica.


Equal parts performance art and social satire for the web 2.0 world, Brad suggested we name it Fuckr.


we're doing this for a laugh and for a chance to play together; it's not about making money.


meta-goal: use every buzzword imaginable to illustrate the funnyhaha*stab* side of web 2.0


the goal:


provide a web 2.0 social networking application

based on the best of myspace, facebook, tribe, friendster, linkedin, livejournal, ...

harnessing wikis and blogs

running on ruby on rails

against amazon ec2/s3,

with RSS,


Google Maps,

Yahoo Pipes,

and Flickr integration


to enable millions of teenagers and adolescents to

maximize the drama in their lives. we make it easy to

anonymously say mean and nasty things to and about each other

send each other into fits of rage, jealousy, and unrequited love,

and waste countless hours on obsessively clicking through the site.


the logo will be glossy, bubbly, shiny, pastel, and hovering over a reflective surface.


guiding principle: "will this increase the drama in an adolescent's life?"


revenue model: freemium.

free: adsense.

premium: stalkr ecosystem.

$1: "put a watch on this identity".

$2: counter-stalkr: "find out who's watching."

$10: "stealthed accounts can't be watched."

$20: "unless you pay for a stealthbreaker."


exit strategy: yahoogle or rupert murdoch acquisition in 9 months


success metric: (eyeballs + revenue + acquisition exit + press) / (# man-hours spent working on it)


we will try to implement the entire site in a 3 to 4 hour period at SHDH19. then we will set it and forget it and leave it to run. or keep tweaking. as long as it doesn't affect our score too much.


don't forget about adding "multiple party data confirmation" technology from TheDatingReport.com


soundbite: revenge of the nerds 2.0. all the geeks who can't get a date, team up to make everybody else regret that they can. (hilarious objective)


legal defense against libel: section 230 of CDA, see wikipedia and seigenthaler. http://news.com.com/Is+Wikipedia+safe+from+libel+liability/2100-1025_3-5984880.html


motivation: ask meng


bounty distribution: ask meng. if this thing ever makes any actual money, meng will direct the funds according to the motivation above.


the plan:


hour 1: goalsetting, brainstorming and planning

hour 2: implementation

hour 3: integration

hour 4: launch and wrap party