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SHDH @ SXSW Lightning Talks

SHDH Lightning Talks  - (To get added to this list, talk to ben.mcgraw@gmail.com / @bengrue )


Noah Kagan - Insults!

Jeff Lindsay - The Evented Web

John Britton - Livecoding Demo

Ben McGraw - Commit Hooks: The Subtle Hammer

Thomas McCabe - 3D Printers Will Change the World

Kevin Moore - Javascript Physics Games - A day old, partly coded here.

Timothy Fitz - AMA TBD LOL

Jeff Lindsay - How to Run a Devhouse


Standby (find me?, -Ben)

Matt Goodman - Using the Kinect as a 3d scanner

C├ęsar Salazar - SHDH Across the World


Lightning talks start at 8:15, are a maximum of 5 minutes long, and can't be pitches.  Pitches bad!