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Come and join us for the next DevHouse!

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What to expect?

You will find a lot of hackers and technologists with laptops hacking and having fun. Everybody is approachable -- sharing and learning is a big part of DevHouse. Towards the evening there will be lighting talks, which are 5 minute presentations by attendees on interesting topics for hackers. It's a lot of fun and a nice break from hacking.

Read experiences from people of DevHouse.

What to bring? 

All you need to bring is yourself, but we highly encourage you to bring a laptop or some kind of project. And we love it when you bring your friends! We take care of power, wifi, snacks, and drinks. Most events we also provide some kind of dinner and many events will have free beer. But you can bring whatever else you like. Sometimes people bring games, toys, sometimes robots -- if you want you can bring yours too!

How to interact with people?

DevHouse culture is really open and we aim to create a comfortable environment where anyone can share what they are working on. If you want to meet people feel free to talk with anyone at the event! The best way to approach somebody that looks busy is, "what are you working on?" Most everybody will be more than willing to share.

Can I give a lightning talk?

Of course! Every event we have somebody in charge of lightning talks that will vet talks for quality and time. We really like lighting talks that show something cool that people can use right now or how to do something. Of course, we love demos of stuff made at DevHouse. We don't like pitches, product demos, or recruitment.