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Lightning Talks will be at 8pm in the room with the huge liquor cabinet



Lightning Talks Schedule:


  1. Zack - Onyx bar call-to-arms (2 minutes) 
  2. Erik and Travis - Android gaming
  3. Alex - Categorical quantum computing
  4. Dan Bi Cho and Young Sun Cho - Peer to peer learning (no slides)
  5. Ethan (e@joint.im) - Making Twitter #Hashtags work (slides are sekrit)
  6. Charles - Aggregator for startups 
  7. Shevek - How to get fired with Java types
  8. Alex Peake - Code Hero 





Things to know about giving a talk: 

  • You get 5 minutes 
  • Your talk has to be approved by Joe (99% of them are)
  • Email Joe at jmathes@gmail.com or add it to the list above and I'll email you 
  • You have to present from the presenter’s laptop (because swapping laptops is a bad experience for the audience)
  • Introduce yourself at the beginning of your talk
  • A good (but not required) presentation format is:
    • Problem/opportunity statement
    • Your approach
    • Why your approach was awesome
  • After the talks are over, stay up by the screen for five or ten minutes.  People will want to talk to you