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  • 7:00pm
  • Each talk is 5 minutes long


Lightning Talks Schedule:


  1. 2 minutes from our sponsors
  2. Liyan Chang - Take photo, make ascii (app | editor)
  3. Andrew Prell - American Idol for Startups (video | slides)
  4. Max Hodak - Symbolic regression using Eureqa
  5. Eric Allen - Fancy lights and internet stuff 
  6. Kenny Spade - Hardware hacking for the software hacker 
  7. Nick Retallack - Visual programming languages (also maybe this and this)
  8. Kiyoto Tamura - smart logging
  9. Betsy Williams - Making more hackers
  10. Craig Tashman - Liquid text
  11. Enno Rehling - Passwords in code 


* Still getting talk together


Then, while the microphone's still live: 

  1. 30 second hiring pitches 



Contact jmathes@gmail.com if you want to give a talk